CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure

1 week

35 Enrolled Students

Start Date Timings Days Duration Fee
2020-10-29 7:00 pm to 09:00 PM Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday 45 days $150

CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure

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Course Description

CCIE confirmation holds its worth around the world. The confirmation program and example keeps on being refreshed and overhauled as suggested by Cisco. This is the motivation behind why it is among the broadly requested and acknowledged accreditation in the IT business. The testing approach, unrivaled program quality, significance and estimation of CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure accreditation is the motivation to pick and want to win this confirmation. CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure guaranteed and experienced Cisco educators will encourage the classes. All through the course, understudies will approach the most recent hardware suggested according to CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0 Lab outline. The course is habitually audited to guarantee that it is state-of-the-art and meets the most recent themes tried on the CCIE test outline.

Training Outline

Network Principles
Understanding and Troubleshooting Layer 2
VPN Technologies
IP Multicast
Infrastructure Security
IP Services
Infrastructure Services
Software-Defined infrastructure deployments
Cisco SD-Access solutions and deployment
Cisco SD-WAN solution and deployment
Cisco SD-WAN edge deployment
Infrastructure Automation and Programmability
Automation and scripting
Data encoding formats
Interaction with vManage API
Deploy and verify model-driven telemetry

Hands-on Labs

Switch administration , layer 2 protocols
VLAN, trunking, EtherChannel, other LAN switching technologies
IGMP, HDLC, PPP, reverse path forwarding
IPv4 & IPv6 addressing and subnetting
IPv4 protocol independent multicast
Multicast source discovery protocol
Static routing, default routing
Administrative distance, passive interface
VRF lite, filtering with any routing protocol
Redistribution between any routing protocol
Policy-based routing, sub-optimal routing, bidirectional forwarding detection
Loop prevention mechanisms, routing protocol authentication
RIPv2, neighbor relationship, loop free path selection
Operations, EIGRP stub, load-balancing
EIGRP [multi-address] named mode, EIGRP convergence and scalability
OSPFv3 address-family support
Path preference, OSPF convergence and scalability
IBGP and EBGP, multiprotocol BGP
Routing policies, AS path manipulations
MPLS operations, basic MPLS L3VPN, encapsulation
DMVPN [single hub], IPsec with pre-shared key
IOS AAA using local database, device access control
Control plane policing, switch security features
Router security features, IPv6 first hop security, device management
SNMP, logging, end-to-end QoS, troubleshoot QoS using MQC
First-hop redundancy protocols, network time protocol (NTP)
IPv4 and IPv6 DHCP, IPv4 network address translation
IP SLA, tracking object, net flow, embedded event manager
SD-WAN : Accessing the Lab Device
SD-WAN : Reset vEdge Cloud Router
SD-WAN : Remove vEdge Router from vManage Inventory
SD-WAN : Add vEdge Router to vManage Inventory
SD-WAN : Configure and Deploy Control-Plane Connectivity
SD-WAN : Configure and Deploy an Overlay Network
SD-WAN : Provision and Deploy vManage Templates
SD-WAN : Provision and Deploy vManage Policies
SD-WAN : Deploy Multi-Tenant vManage

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