CISCO DevNET Associate

1 week

35 Enrolled Students

Start Date Timings Days Duration Fee
2020-10-27 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday 45 days $150

CISCO DevNET Associate Course Description

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Course Description

Endless supply of this course, applicants will have what it takes and information to execute:

  • Python Programming
  • Configuring Network applications using Cisco platforms as a base
  • Automation workflows across network infrastructure using API's and Python
  • Automation workflows across security infrastructure using API's and Python
  • Automation workflows across collaboration infrastructure using API's and Python
  • Automation workflows across computing infrastructure using API's and Python
  • Course Curriculum

    Software Development and Design
    Understanding and Using APIs
    Cisco Platforms and Development
    Application Deployment and Security
    Infrastructure and Automation
    Network Fundamentals

    Hands-on Labs

    Parse API Data Formats with Python
    Use Git for Version Control
    Identify Software Architecture and Design Patterns on a Diagram
    Implement Singleton Pattern and Abstraction-Based Method
    Inspect HTTP Protocol Messages
    Use Postman
    Troubleshoot an HTTP Error Response
    Utilize APIs with Python
    Use the Cisco Controller APIs
    Use the Cisco Webex Teams Collaboration API
    Interpret a Basic Network Topology Diagram
    Identify the Cause of Application Connectivity Issues
    Perform Basic Network Configuration Protocol (NETCONF) Operations
    Use Cisco Software Development Kit (SDK) and Python for Automation Scripting
    Utilize Bash Commands for Local Development
    Construct a Python Unit Test
    Interpret a Dockerfile
    Utilize Docker Commands to Manage Local Developer Environment
    Exploit Insufficient Parameter Sanitization
    Construct Infrastructure Automation Workflow

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