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PSI Testing center:

We provide solutions to your leading workforce. PSI has been giving Assessment and Talent Management answers for a scope of private and open segment organizations. PSI's management has the advantage of working with a Science Advisory Board to guarantee that our techniques and approaches are predictable with the most elevated proficient norms and practices. The Board is involved driving specialists in Measurement, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and Labor Law. .

Test dates and Location:

PSI exams can be scheduled at any time. You may select the suitable test dates from Monday to Friday 2:00 PM to 10:30 PM at Official PSI website.

Test Centers of PSI:

Location: Fortray Networks Canada

Address: 10 Milner Business Court, 3rd Floor, Scarborough, M1B 3C6, Ontario, Canada.

Test Center Timings: Monday to Friday: 2:00 PM to 10:30 PM

Test Center Timings: Saturday & Sunday: 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Location: Fortray Networks Pakistan - Multan

Address: 1581/1, New Gulgasht Colony, Naka Chowk, Multan, Punjab, 60700, Pakistan.

Test Center Timings: Monday to Saturday: 9:00 AM to 06:30 PM

Test Registration and Fee:

In order to register for tests, test takers will need to visit the “For Test Takers” tab on the PSI website and:

  1. Select the test program.
  2. Sign up for a web account / provide a Testing ID where applicable.
  3. Fill in personal details matching the ID.
  4. Create a username and password and answer a security question.
  5. Select a test from the exam catalogue.
  6. Confirm registration and make the payment using a credit card.

Exam Fee:

Exam fee for PSI exams differs based on the testing program, exam type and sometimes region. The specific exam fee for a particular PSI exam can be checked by logging in to the PSI account or visiting the testing program website. Test fee Payments can be made at Fortray Networks in cash $CAD in case you encounter difficulty in registration and payment checkout.

Test Results:

Scoring of PSI tests vary by testing programs. For some tests the scores may be available immediately after the test in a score report provided at the test center. For others the score report is sent to the test taker directly by testing program, which may take a few weeks. Scores for some tests may be viewed by logging in to the PSI online account within 1- 24 hours of the test.

Test Day Information:

1. No personal items, including but not limited to, mobile phones, hand-held computers/personal digital assistants (PDAs) or other electronic devices, pagers, watches, wallets, purses, firearms or other weapons, hats (and other non-religious head coverings), bags, coats, jackets, eyeglass cases, books, and/or notes, pens or pencils are allowed in the testing room. If you refuse to store your personal items, you will be unable to test, and you will lose your test fee.
2. Some test program sponsors require TAs to collect a digital photograph and/or digital signature for the purposes of verifying each candidate’s identity and to protect the security and integrity of the test; if required, the TA will obtain this information from you before you enter the testing room.
3. The test administrator will log you into your assigned workstation. You will verify that you are taking the intended test that you registered to take.
4. Food items not allowed. Eating, drinking, chewing gum, smoking, and/or making noise that creates a disturbance for other candidates is prohibited during the test.
5. To ensure a high level of security throughout the testing experience, you will be monitored at all times. Both audio and video may be recorded.
6. Some tests may include scheduled breaks, and if so allowed, instructions will appear on the computer screen at the appropriate time. If you take an unscheduled break at any other time or if you take a break during a test in which the test program sponsor has not scheduled a break, the test time will not stop. The TA will set your workstation to the break mode, and you must take your ID with you when you leave the room. The TA will check your ID before escorting you back to your seat and will then resume your test.
7. You must leave the testing room for all breaks. If you want to leave the test center building during any breaks, verify with the TA whether your test program sponsor permits you to leave the building.

Frequently asked Questions:


  • Go to your testing program landing page
  • Click “Create An Account.”
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions. You will be asked to provide basic demographic information (an email address is always required), along with any other information deemed important by your program.
  • If you are asked to provide your Candidate ID number while creating an account, you may require pre-authorization from your testing program. If you do not have this ID number, contact your testing program to inquire how to receive it.
  • Answer: While PSI handles scheduling on the behalf of your program, the nature of how you will receive you score report after your exam is determined by your testing program. If your testing program offers a candidate handbook, which can be found on the testing program’s PSI landing page, it will typically have information regarding the duplicate score report process for your program.Many, but not all, testing programs provide a preliminary score report at the test center immediately after your exam.

    Some programs choose to mail your results to you directly. This can sometimes take a number of weeks to process, depending on your program.

    Some testing programs allow you to view and print additional score reports from your PSI account. Typically these are available within an hour of exam completion, but may take up to 48 hours.

    Answer: PSI customer service can be reached by chat, phone, or email. To ensure you speak with the correct customer service representative, follow these steps:Click “Contact Us” at the top of any web page. From there select the Test Taker customer service page (or click this link).

    Enter the name of your testing program into the provided search bar and select the corresponding option when it appears. This will bring you to the correct, available contact information for your program’s reservation and scheduling team.