Forensic Investigator

1 week

40 Enrolled Students

Start Date Timings Days Duration Fee
2020-10-31 7:00 pm to 09:00 PM Weekend 1 Month $150

Course Description

Forensic Investigator

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Forensic Investigator Course Description

This computer hacking Forensic Investigator course provides you the knowledge and expertise of practices and methodologies of forensic domain pertinent to today’s organisations. Our experts will teach you the skills and capabilities to detect hacking attacks, to maintain them effectively and prevent future attacks. Cover the major tools and theories of cyber forensic experts with us!

Course Curriculum

Computer Forensics in Today’s World

Footprinting and Reconnaissance

Computer Forensics Investigation Process

Understanding Hard Disks and File Systems

Operating System Forensics

Defeating Anti- forensics Techniques

Data Acquisition and Duplication

Network Forensics

Investigating Web Attacks

Database Forensics

Cloud Forensics

Malware Forensics

Investigating Email Crimes

Mobile Forensics

Investigative Reports

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