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Classroom Training

We believe that "Information is Power" and we have to use technologies for a superior world. Our point is to feature the internal capability of people to build up a serious character to face the demands of expert IT world. We give an empowering and strong condition which grooms the recognition and specialized keenness of the people. We run training business in a professional manner while regarding individuals as people, not as targets! .

Our vision at Fortray Network is to provide world class education through all possible means. Almost all courses are taught in class rooms according to reported timetable. Class size as far as no. of students is not fixed. Normally associate level classes like CCNA, MCITP have class strength of 100 students, professional level courses like CCNP have strength of 60 students and expert level courses have strength of 40 students. .

Classroom training allows you to teach employees in a safe, quiet, clean environment, away from the noise and pressures of the work area. The classroom environment provides the important “human touch”. We have got the best classroom training. Students will get the best environment.